How Accurate Is What3words?

Who invented What 3 words?

Jack Waley-CohenChris SheldrickMohan GanesalingamMichael DentWhat3words/Founders.

Do emergency services use what 3 words?

Many emergency services now accept 3 word addresses from 999 callers who would otherwise struggle to say exactly where they need help. what3words has helped find many people in need of emergency assistance quickly and easily.

How does what 3 Words app work?

What3Words is a smartphone app which gives every 3×3 square metre of the globe a unique three-word code. For example, 10 Downing Street is slurs. … Its reach is staggering with every single corner of the globe covered and the emergency services have been quick to pick up on its usefulness.

Does Google Maps use what3words?

Displaying the what3words grid on a Google Map The what3words API supports the ability to obtain a section of the 3m x 3m what3words grid in GeoJSON format, making it very simple to display on a map. … You will need a what3words API key to complete this tutorial.

How do I find someone using what3words?

Voice search for a what3words address In the search bar at the top of the screen, you will see the voice search icon with a speech bubble. Tap on this, and then say the what3words address you want to search for. You don’t need to say “dot” or “slash” for this. You can then choose the correct result.

Do the UK emergency services use what3words?

Save lives and resources in emergencies Emergency services across the UK are now using 3 word addresses to easily find and share precise locations.

How accurate is what 3 words?

From a what3words perspective, the 3 word addresses are 100% fixed in their location on the planet. This can be confusing if your device can’t make up its mind about where exactly you are located.

Does Amazon use three words?

Today, what3words introduced the what3words skill for Amazon Alexa. … what3words is changing the way that people use and interact with location. They’ve divided the world up into a grid of 3m x 3m (10ft x 10ft) squares and assigned each a unique identifier made up of 3 dictionary words; a 3-word address.

How does what 3 words make money?

Sheldrick: The What3words consumer app and website are totally free for consumers and businesses. We make money by a tool that converts three-word addresses into latitude and longitude, which you need if you’re a company like Mercedes. … So it’s that enterprise code that we license.

How much does what3words cost?

Compare our plansPlanStarterBusiness 10Price per monthFree$45SupportStandardPriorityAPI usage reportingAutoSuggestUnlimited*4 more rows

Do police use what3words?

It’s now used by many other departments in the force including operations planning teams, search advisors and at scene guards. What3words – which is free to emergency services and members of the public – has divided the world into three-metre squares and given each one a unique three-word label.

Do emergency services use what3words?

While what3words does not charge the emergency services and charities to use the service, businesses which use it “to improve customer experience” must license its API (application programming interface) and SDK (software development kit).

Who owns what3words?

Founded by Chris Sheldrick, Jack Waley-Cohen, Mohan Ganesalingam, and Michael Dent, what3words was launched in July 2013.

How is what3words better than GPS?

What3Words divides the world into 3m x 3m squares and assigns each square 3 words. As opposed to GPS coordinates, the 3 words are meant to be more human-friendly and easy to remember. … With Google Maps, it places a random point on the location, whereas with What3Words, users can specify where exactly to navigate to.

Does what3words work without signal?

Without phone signal, the app functions the same as when you have no data connection: you can view the location of any what3words address you enter. … To share a what3words address over the phone or in a text message you need phone signal. To load maps, or share in other apps or social media, you need a data connection.