How Can I Change My Flight Ticket Date In Sri Lanka?

Can you change the person on a plane ticket?

Visit your airline’s website.

Look for the “Reservations” or “Tickets” section to find information about their cancellation and transfer policy.

In some cases, you may be able to transfer the ticket to another person or pay a fee to cancel the ticket and have it reissued in someone else’s name..

How can I change my flight ticket date?

Date Change may be permissible on your booking on payment of Airline Date Change Fee, MakeMyTrip Service Charges plus any fare difference that may exist between your original fare and the fare of the flight that you want to change to. The date change fees and MakeMyTrip Service Charges are printed on your E-Ticket.

How can I change my flight reservation?

Make the changes necessary to your flight. You will need to know your confirmation, reservation or electronic ticket number to do this. … Try to change the flight rather than canceling it, even if you are changing the entire thing. … Call your travel agent. … Call the airline directly.

How can I cancel my flight ticket in Srilanka?

For tickets purchased at our SriLankan Airlines ticket office, contact your SriLankan Airlines ticket office. In these cases, the online refund request form cannot be used. To avoid a higher No show penalty, you need to submit your online refund request at least 5 hours before the departure of your flight(s).

Can I change my Emirates flight date?

You can use Manage a Booking to make changes to most aspects of your booking and add extras to your flight before you fly. For most Emirates bookings, you can make changes to your flight itinerary such as: changing the dates or times of your flights. altering your destination or origin.

Which airlines allow you to change dates?

Airline PoliciesAirlineDomestic Change FeeInternational Change FeeDelta$200$200 to $450Jet Blue$75 + fare difference$75 + fare differenceKLM$0 with “Flexibility” program$0 with “Flexibility” programSouthwest$0 as standard$0 as standard