Is J Silent In Jalapeno?

Do you pronounce the J in jalapeno?

We tend to pronounce Jalapeno as ‘Hala-pen-yo.

‘ The correct pronunciation is ‘Hah-lah-pain-yoh..

Is J in Spanish silent?

Spanish J will always be pronounced as English H, no matter what word it is.

Is J silent in mojito?

Mojito is a Cuban drink. Spanish is the official language of Cuba, and in Spanish, ‘j’ is pronounced as ‘h’. Thus, mohito.

Why is J pronounced as Y?

The reason is very simple. We pronounce these J’s like Y’s because these words and names are borrowed from languages where the letter J is pronounced like English Y. Instead of changing the spellings to fit our pronunciation system, we kept the spellings from the original languages, and we kept the pronunciations.

How is Porsche pronounced?

In the proper pronunciation, “Porsche” is actually a two-syllable word. So it is really pronounced like “Por-shuh.” The team at Hendrick Porsche is happy to help you with all of your Porsche questions, including how to say it!