Question: Do You Think The Tiger Is Happy In The Zoo Why Or Why Not?

What is the summary of a tiger in the zoo?

The poem is about a tiger that is very beautiful and is walking in his little cage.

He is having beautiful stripes on his skin and has velvet-like soft paws.

But he is not happy and is quite angry in the cage.

The poet says that the tiger may try to hide behind the long grass, but here he is not able to do so..

What should the tiger be doing if he were in the jungle?

Answer: The tiger moves slowly up and down in his cage. … He says that the tiger should have been in the jungle. He should have been moving quietly in the shadows near some water hole, and waiting for a plump deer to pass that way.

What is the message of the poem a tiger in the zoo?

The message conveyed by the poem is that just like humans, animals too long for freedom and do not like being caged. For instance, the tiger in the poem longs to be in the jungle and he looks longingly at the shining stars in the sky. By looking at the stars, the tiger hope to be with nature some day.

Where did Joe exotic tigers go?

The Wildlife Animal Sanctuary is located in Colorado and is currently the home to 39 tigers and three bears previously owned by Joe Exotic. Joe Exotic’s animals ended up in Colorado after their owner got mixed up in a legal fiasco with the Wild Things Zoo in Dade City, Florida.

How should the Tiger walk through the grass?

the tiger should behave if he is in his natural habitat — the wild jungle. There, he should be silently hiding in the shadow remains unnoticed. Sliding through the long grass he should move stealthily to ambush his prey.

Does Shaq own tigers?

O’Neal took to his podcast, “The Big Podcast with Shaq,” to clarify a couple of points: one, he does not own any tigers; and two, he is not buddies with Joe Exotic (Maldonado-Passage was sentenced to 22 years in prison in January on charges of a murder-for-hire plot and selling tiger cubs illegally).

How long does a lion live?

10 – 14 yearsAdult, In the wildLion/Lifespan

Why do you think the tiger was stalking in the cage?

The way the tiger lived in the cage was very different from the way he lived in his original space. … The tiger didn’t have much space to explore and excavate, hence, it was stalking in the cage. This shows that how he ignores the visitors and all the other distracting things.

Are Tigers happy in zoos?

This is not to deny the existence of awful zoos; my point is that it is perfectly possible for a tiger to live a long and happy life in the right sort of captivity. It doesn’t require pampering. … Thus tigers, like most zoo animals, now need to work for a living.

What happened to the Tigers at Joe exotic?

A former employee said that Joe had only killed them to make space for incoming animals and that the tigers he killed were perfectly healthy. A profile by Texas Monthly notes that “somewhere in the back pasture, there were more than fifty dead tigers.”

Why is petting tiger cubs bad?

Cub petting can have other disastrous implications on animals. Many of them are underfed or fed an improper diet, which can lead to metabolic bone disease. Caprichio Tiger may likely suffer from it, as his recent X-rays showed us how bad his knees are; he’s only 7.

What is the central idea of a tiger in the zoo?

Central Idea of the Poem He compares the life of a tiger in the zoo with its life in its natural habitat. The poet conveys an important message that the wild animals should be in their natural habitat. In the poem, he heightens the contrast between freedom and captivity.

Why does the tiger look at the stars?

The Tiger feels very helpless in the cage. He stares with hope at the brilliant stars shining in the sky. He hopes for the day when he would be able to run free in the wild.

Where does the tiger stalk How is his Behaviour?

The tiger stalks the few steps of his cage after being captured. The poet sees the tiger logged in a concrete cell in the zoo. In spite of all his strength, he now lies imprisoned behind the bars. Very slowly and silently, he moves up and down along the length of the cage.

How does the tiger feel in the zoo Why?

The tiger feels slave in the concrete cell. It feels like a prisoner. It misses its freedom in the forest where it should be lurking in the shadows; stalking its prey in the long grass near water hole, where deer come to drink water and where it lurks to pounce on them. It can only walk a few steps in the cage.

Why is the zoo not the place for the tiger?

Answer Expert Verified. The tiger in the zoo is a beautiful poem composed by Leslie Norris. … The tiger should have been hunting it’s food rather than being served by humans. The tiger in it’s natural habitat roams around and wait for a fat deer to have as it’s meal.

How far can a tiger walk in a day?

There are records which indicate that tigers in eastern Siberia travel 50 to 60 km in a day but this is considered to be unusual (31 to 37 miles). In Chitwan National Park, tigresses travel roughly 7 to 10 km per night at about 0.7 km/h (4.3 to 6.2 miles).

Why is the tiger in quiet rage?

The Tiger expresses his rage quietly because there is nothing he can do from behind the bars of his cage. He is helpless as his strength is now imprisoned inside the cage due to the fancies of man.