Question: Is It Bad To Give A Guy Your Number First?

Is it safe to give a guy your number?

Best case scenario: you give your phone number to a guy and he contacts you via that phone number.

To ensure you don’t mistakenly pick up a call, you block his number on your phone.

In both scenarios you continue living life.

So realistically it’s not dangerous..

How do you give a guy your number?

Ask him to help you with work.Flirt with him.Straight up give him your number.Put the number in his bag/pocket with your name on it.Make friends with him.Try and plan an event that he’d like to go to.Say that your phone isn’t working, and ask if he can call it.Say you’ve lost your phone.More items…

What does it mean when a guy ask for your number?

He Asks for Your Number: If he asks you for your number, he intends to contact you and set up a date, in most cases. Keep in mind that he may do this with a lot of other women as well, so try to not get your hopes up too much at first.

What’s the worst someone can do with your phone number?

If someone steals your phone number, they become you — for all intents and purposes. With your phone number, a hacker can start hijacking your accounts one by one by having a password reset sent to your phone. They can trick automated systems — like your bank — into thinking they’re you when you call customer service.

How do you give a guy your number without looking desperate?

First Up… The Don’ts And Dos of Passing Along Your NumberDO NOT shoot him your email if you’re not willing to entrust him with your number. … DO keep in mind confidence is golden. … DO NOT EVER fake your number. … DO pretty please tell him if you’re not interested. … Devilish Moves:More items…•