Quick Answer: Is Well Established Hyphenated?

Is it well established or well established?


permanently founded; settled; firmly set: a well-established business; a well-established habit..

Is well founded hyphenated?

Your Vocabulary Building & Communication Training Center Tips: When something is well-founded, it is based on facts or solid evidence. Used after a verb, it is not hyphenated.

Is well trained hyphenated?

A: That’s right – neither requires a hyphen. The first example because “ly” words never need them before OR after, while the second example because “well trained” occurs after the noun (but they would be “well-trained dogs”).

Is high quality hyphenated?

Compounds with well-, ill-, better-, best-, high-, little-, lesser-, low-, etc., are hyphenated when they precede the noun unless the expression carries a modifier: well-known man; he is well known; high-quality work; very high quality work.

What does Established mean?

verb (used with object) to found, institute, build, or bring into being on a firm or stable basis: to establish a university; to establish a medical practice. to install or settle in a position, place, business, etc.: to establish one’s child in business.

What is an established person?

​(of a person) well known and respected in a job, etc. that they have been doing for a long time. an established actor.

What is the definition of enduring?

: lasting, durable an enduring truth.

Is well put together hyphenated?

I don’t see the justification for “well-put,” but I do see the need for “well-put-together.” Without any hyphens, it could be misread as the woman being well (i.e., healthy), but the hyphens would need to encompass the complete compound adjective, not just part of it. … No hyphens.

Does well received need a hyphen?

You use a hyphen when the adjective comes before the noun, not after it: It was a well-received show.

What’s another word for well established?

What is another word for well-established?deep-rootedentrenchedgenericpublicubiquitoussettledwontedcommonplaceacknowledgedrife58 more rows

What is well established?

adjective. If you say that something is well-established, you mean that it has been in existence for a long time and is successful.