Quick Answer: What Is Mark2?

What does MK mean in texting?

Mk is a slang term that is the same as saying “OK.” It is typically used when saying “yes” to a question or agreeing with someone.

The term is typically used when someone is unsure but still answers in the affirmative.

It may also be used by snooty people as a substitute for OK..

What does Mk 1 mean?

Mark I or Mark 1 often refers to the first version of a weapon or military vehicle, and is sometimes used in a similar fashion in civilian product development. In some instances, the Arabic numeral “1” is substituted for the Roman numeral “I”. “Mark”, meaning “model” or “variant”, can itself be abbreviated “Mk.”

Why is MK pronounced?

Answer: Mk is short for “mark.” Therefore Mk2 is pronounced “Mark Two,” and Mk3 is pronounced “Mark Three.” Mark 2, also written Mark II, refers to the second version of a product. Mark 3, also written Mark III, is the third version of a product. Likewise, Mark 4, Mark 5, etc.

What does MOD 0 mean firearms?

Feed system. 20- or 30-round STANAG magazine. The United States Navy Mark 12 Mod 0/1 Special Purpose Rifle (SPR) is a semi-automatic designated marksman rifle that was in service with United States Special Operations Forces in the designated marksman role until 2017, also designed to be shorter than standard weapons.

What does MK mark mean?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mark II or Mark 2 often refers to the second version of a product, frequently military hardware. “Mark”, meaning “model” or “variant”, can be abbreviated “Mk.”

What does Mark mean in technology?

The word mark, followed by number, is a method of designating a version of a product. … software versioning convention often used to designate general software product releases, and other version control schemas. It is often abbreviated as Mk or M.

What does the M stand for in m9?

The M stands for Model. The M1903 rifles were named after the cartridge they used. i.e.

What replaced the mk12?

The Mk12 SPR has since been replaced by the Mk16, Mk17 and M110 rifles, but the SPR is still used by a few of the SEAL teams and it still maintains almost a cult like following among the special operations groups.

What does M stand for in military weapons?

modelM stands for model and the number designates which model it is. For example the m1 garand was the first in the naming scheme while the m16 would be the 16th.