Quick Answer: What Jeans Are The Best For Big Thighs?

What should I wear if I have big thighs?

10 ways to make short, thick legs look slimmerChoose drapey fabrics.

Avoid clingy materials and instead choose soft, flowy fabrics.

Try a full skirt.

Find the perfect pair of trousers.

Wear black opaque tights.

Heels are your best friend.

Avoid ankle straps.

Opt for pointed toes.

Nude shoes will slim and lengthen..

Are big thighs good?

Researchers tracked the volunteers for an average of 12.5 years. They found that people with big thighs had a lower risk of heart disease and premature death than those with thin thighs.

How can I make my jeans looser around my thighs?

If the Jeans Are Too Tight This trick is the easiest way to try to stretch out a pair of jeans that shrunk down. Spray them with lukewarm water, and then lay the jeans out on the floor. Stand on each leg of the jeans, bend down, and use your hands to manually pull and stretch the jeans while they are wet.

What are the best jeans for guys with big thighs?

The Best Athletic Fit Jeans for Guys With Big ThighsLevi’s 541 athletic taper jeans. $38 at Amazon.Polo Ralph Lauren “Hampton” relaxed straight jean. $90 at Ralph Lauren. … Gap athletic taper jeans with GapFlex. $70 at Gap. … Everlane athletic fit jean. … J. … Bonobos premium stretch jeans. … AE Ne(x)t Level Airflex athletic fit jean. … Abercrombie & Fitch athletic skinny jeans.More items…•

Can you wear skinny jeans if you have big thighs?

The most recommended style for big thighs is the straight leg jeans. But if skinny is what you want, pair it with some long and flowy top particularly with asymmetrical hemline. … Whenever you opt for slim-fit or skinny jeans, avoid pairing it with a delicate shoe. Wear something that draws attention from top to bottom.

Where can I find jeans for big thighs?

View All1 of 14 Standard & Practices Release Hem Denim Culottes.2 of 14 Good American Good Legs High-Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans.3 of 14 Kut from the Kloth Boyfriend Cuffed Jeans.4 of 14 Gap Mid-Rise Perfect Boot Jeans.5 of 14 A Gold E Mid-Rise ’90s Loose Fit Jeans.6 of 14 J Brand Denim 811 Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans.More items…•

How tight should Jeans be around thighs?

Thighs. They shouldn’t fit too tight, but lie comfortably close without feeling like it’s pulling at the knees when you walk or bend down. You should be able to pinch a minimum of 0.5 inch of fabric, but no more than 1 inch on either side of your thigh.

What type of jeans are best for big thighs?

To find the right jeans for you, it’s key to pay attention to fabric, style, and fit. The best jeans for women with big thighs tend to be stretch denim, a cotton-polyester blend that mixes in a stretchy, synthetic fiber (usually elastane, aka spandex or Lycra) with a cotton blend.

What jeans make your thighs look thinner?

Jeans That Hide FlawsChoose dark-wash jeans with side seaming that curves into the thighs to make them look slimmer.Higher rises help control muffin top.When you find the perfect pair of jeans, buy two and hem one for flats, the other for heels.