What Happened In 1989 In The UK?

Popular Culture 1989Batman.Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.Lethal Weapon 2.Twins.Back to the Future Part II.Ghostbusters II.The Little Mermaid.Driving Miss Daisy.More items….

What happened in the UK in 1988?

Events from the year 1988 in the United Kingdom. The year saw the merger in March of the SDP and the Liberals to form the Liberal Democrats. There were also two notable disasters this year: the Piper Alpha oil rig explosion and the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103.

How much did a pint of milk cost in 1990?

TablePeriodValue198928.0199030.5199132.4199233.9230 more rows•6 days ago

What happened in the UK in 1985?

1 January – The first mobile phone calls in the UK are made. 7 January – Nine striking miners are jailed for arson. The Sinclair C5, a battery-assisted recumbent tricycle, designed by the British inventor Clive Sinclair is launched. Eight people are killed in an explosion in Putney.

What was the #1 song of 1990?

Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles of 1990No.TitleArtist(s)1″Hold On”Wilson Phillips2″It Must Have Been Love”Roxette3″Nothing Compares 2 U”Sinéad O’Connor4″Poison”Bell Biv DeVoe96 more rows

Who was born in 1989?

Born in 1989PewDiePie, 30. YouTube Star.Taylor Swift, 30. Pop Singer.Chris Brown, 31. Pop Singer.Markiplier, 31. YouTube Star.CJ So Cool, 31. YouTube Star.Nina Dobrev, 31. TV Actress.Daniel Radcliffe, 31. Movie Actor.Jason Derulo, 30. Pop Singer.More items…

Who died in 1989?

Famous People Who Died In 1989Ted Bundy. Serial Killer.Lucille Ball. Comedienne, Actress.Bette Davis. Actress.Huey P. Newton. American political activist.Laurence Olivier.Hirohito. Former Emperor of Japan.Lee Van Cleef.Nicolae Ceaușescu. Romanian. Former President of Romania.More items…

What was on TV 1988?

TV Series, Released between 1988-01-01 and 1988-12-31 (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)Red Dwarf (1988– ) … Roseanne (1988–2018) … The Wonder Years (1988–1993) … In the Heat of the Night (1988–1995) … Home and Away (1988– ) … Empty Nest (1988–1995) … China Beach (1988–1991) … Mystery Science Theater 3000 (1988–2015)More items…

What was the number one song in 1989 UK?

“Swing the Mood” topped the charts for five weeks from July, “That’s What I Like” for three weeks in October, and “Let’s Party” for one week in December.

What happened in the UK in 1952?

Heavy smog begins to hover over London, England, on December 4, 1952. It persists for five days, leading to the deaths of at least 4,000 people. … The smoke, soot and sulfur dioxide from the area’s industries along with that from cars and consumer energy usage caused extraordinarily heavy smog to smother the city.

What was the highest grossing film of 1989?

BatmanHighest-grossing filmsRankTitleStudio1BatmanWarner Bros.2Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeParamount3Lethal Weapon 2Warner Bros.4Honey, I Shrunk the KidsDisney6 more rows

What was invented in 1988?

1988 – Digital cellular phones were invented. PCS systems use a different radio frequency, the 1.9 GHz band, than cellular phones and generally use all-digital technology for transmission and reception.

What music came out in 1989?

Top 100 Hits of 1989/Top 100 Songs of 1989Look Away – Chicago.Every Rose Has Its Thorn – Poison.Straight Up – Paula Abdul.Miss You Much – Janet Jackson.Cold Hearted – Paula Abdul.Wind Beneath My Wings – Bette Midler.Girl You Know It’s True – Milli Vanilli.Baby, I Love Your Way / Freebird – Will To Power.More items…

What major events happened in 1989?

We narrowly missed being hit by two giant asteroids. … The Berlin Wall came down. … Sir Cliff Richard released his 100th pop single. … Archaeologists unearthed a 4,400-year-old mummy. … TV cameras entered the UK’s House of Commons. … ‘GPS’ became common knowledge. … Batman graced the silver screens. … And so did Prince’s Batdance.More items…•

What happened in the UK in 1990?

1–25 April – 1990 Strangeways Prison riot in Manchester. 2 April – An earthquake measuring 5.1 on the Richter scale and centred on the Shropshire town of Bishop’s Castle is felt throughout much of England and Wales. … 9 April – Four Ulster Defence Regiment soldiers are killed by an IRA bomb in County Down.

What was the #1 song of 1989?

List of Billboard Hot 100 number ones of 1989No.Issue DateSong695July 1″Baby Don’t Forget My Number”696July 8″Good Thing”697July 15″If You Don’t Know Me by Now”698July 22″Toy Soldiers”48 more rows

What was the 1990s known for?

The 1990s is often remembered as a decade of relative peace and prosperity: The Soviet Union fell, ending the decades-long Cold War, and the rise of the Internet ushered in a radical new era of communication, business and entertainment.