What Is The Antonym Of The Word Awake?

What is wakefulness in psychology?

Wakefulness refers to the daily state of consciousness when a person is able to interact with the world and engage in coherent activities.

As measured by EEG readings, while in a state of wakefulness, the mind experiences a predominance of alpha waves and beta waves..

What is another word for hour?

What is another word for hour?instantmomentjunctureminutephasesecondstageoccasionmoment in timepoint in time45 more rows

What does the word literally mean?

1 : in a literal sense or manner: such as. a : in a way that uses the ordinary or primary meaning of a term or expression He took the remark literally. a word that can be used both literally and figuratively.

What means actually?

1 : in act or in fact : really trying to find out what actually happened won’t actually arrive for an hour. 2 : in point of fact —used to suggest something unexpectedwas surprised to learn that she could actually speak German. Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about actually.

What type of word is awake?

adjective. waking; not sleeping. vigilant; alert: They were awake to the danger.

What is an antonym for actually?

What is the opposite of actually?professedlysupposedlynot reallypresumablyostensiblyapparentlyallegedlytheoreticallyhypotheticallyavowedly8 more rows

What is the other word for time?

What is another word for time?momentoccasionjuncturemoment in timepoint in timestagedatedayhourminute27 more rows

What is another word for indeed?

What is another word for indeed?certainlyreallypositivelyof courseindubitablyhonestlyadmittedlywithout a doubtwithout doubtunequivocally229 more rows

What is a antonym for awake?

Antonyms: flake out, fall asleep, nod off, dope off, doze off, drift off, drop off, drowse off. Definition: change from a waking to a sleeping state.

What awake means?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : to stop sleeping : wake up The baby awoke from his nap. 2 : to make or become conscious or aware of something They finally awoke to the danger. awake.

Is wakeful a word?

adjective. unable to sleep; not sleeping; indisposed to sleep: Excitement made the children wakeful. characterized by absence of sleep: a wakeful night.

What does wakefulness mean?

Wakefulness is a daily recurring brain state and state of consciousness in which an individual is conscious and engages in coherent cognitive and behavioral responses to the external world.

What words rhyme with hour?

Words That Rhyme With “Hour” :2 syllables: bour, bower, cower, dour, dower, flour, flower, gaur, giaour, glower, Gower, lour, our, plower, power, scour, shower, sour, tower, vower.3 syllables: avower, deflower, devour, embower, empower, Glendower, imbower, impower.4 syllables: overpower, superpower, underpower. About | Privacy | Words | Feedback.

Are you asleep means?

If you’re asleep, you’re not awake and reading this. A baby might find it hard to fall asleep without being held and rocked. Some people snore when they’re asleep, and others have strange, vivid dreams.

What does stay awake mean?

To “stay awake” means the person kept themselves awake “I need to stay awake to study for the test tomorrow” To “keep awake” means something else made the person stay awake, usually not the persons choice “I need to keep the baby awake or they won’t sleep for their nap time”

What is the opposite of hour?

What is the opposite of hour?inconvenienceinexpedienceinutilityunsuitabilityuselessnesswaste