What Is The Case Of Delhi Police And Lawyers?

Why are police afraid lawyers?

Policemen are not cowed down; so if they are assaulted, they are likely to retaliate, but usually they are not the ones who began the incident.

The reason why policemen are scared of lawyers is that lawyers have a weapon called Istagaasha or criminal complaint, of which policemen are dreadfully afraid of..

Are lawyers more powerful than police?

While a lawyer is the one who studies law and has the permission by the Bar Council of India (BCI) to appear before a Court of law on behalf of an accused to defend him. … If you ask a layman that who is more powerful a lawyer or police officer, no doubt the answer will be the police officer.

Which state is best police in India?

Nagaland had the best score on police strength (0.80), followed by Kerala (0.71) and Delhi (0.70). Delhi had the best infrastructure (1.03), followed by Haryana (0.94) and Kerala (0.89). Tamil Nadu scored the highest on budget utilisation (0.09), followed by Maharashtra, Odisha, Rajasthan and Haryana (0.08).

Why do people protest CAA?

Protests led by these groups are concerned that the new law discriminates against Muslims, and believe that Indian citizenship should also be granted to Muslim refugees and immigrants.

What is SHO post in police?

A station house officer (SHO) is the officer in charge of a police station in India and Pakistan. The SHO holds the rank of inspector or sub-inspector. In India, the law permits a station house officer to conduct the investigation of crimes.

Who is dig of Delhi?

NameRankPhone OfficeSH. Rakesh SethiDIG ADM24364437SH. Rajeev ranjan kumarDIG (wel)24365929sh ANIL KUMAR SINGHdig (OPS-I)24361413SH. DHIRAJ KUMARDIG (OPS-II)2436423838 more rows

What happened in Tis Hazari court?

Packed into navy blue-coloured prison vans marked with smashed windows, most undertrial prisoners left the Tis Hazari Court after 6 pm on Saturday. A lawyer, Varun Jain, said the scuffle resulted in the advocate being forcibly confined in the lock-up with other prisoners. …

Why are lawyers protesting in Delhi?

Lawyers at district courts in the Capital staged a protest amid the ongoing tussle between them and Delhi Police since Saturday following the Tis Hazari incident. Protesting lawyers locked the main gate at Saket Court complex and didn’t allow public to enter inside. A few people tried to break open the gate.

Which police is best in world?

Here are 20 of the toughest police forces in the world.8 Police Nationale RAID.7 GOPE.6 Yamam.5 BOPE.4 Junglas.3 SWAT.2 EKO Cobra.1 GSG 9.More items…•

What is the highest post in police?

chief of policeThe chief of police (COP) is the highest-ranking officer in the police department. As the general manager or CEO of the police department, the COP is responsible for the planning, administration, and operation of the police department.

How can I get DSP in Delhi?

Writing civil services exam and getting selected as IPS in AGMUT cadre, or choosing DANIPS service.Writing exams for the job of SI in Delhi police and eventually getting promoted to DSP one day.Clearing exam for constable and with out of turn oromotions erc, may be one day, one can become a DSP in Delhi Police.

What is the Tis Hazari incident?

On Saturday, violence erupted at Tis Hazari courts in North Delhi between police and lawyers following a parking row in which 21 police personnel and eight lawyers were injured. As many as 14 motorcycles, one police car, were burnt and eight prison vans were damaged.

How many police are there in Delhi?

Out of a total Delhi police strength of 77,965, in 2016, over 20,000 personnel or over 25 percent, were assigned to secure VVIPs in Delhi.

What is Delhi police issue?

SEARCHED FOR:DELHI POLICE “The accused was arrested after an exchange of fire from Ridge Road between Dhaula Kuan and Karol Bagh,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (Special Cell) Pramod Singh Kushwaha said.

Why do lawyers protest?

A protest was held by the Advocates Association Bangalore(AAB) in front of Karnataka High Court in Bengaluru today against state government’s neglect in aiding the Advocates financially, and their inaction in announcing a special financial package to Advocates.

What is the issue between Delhi police and lawyers?

A parking row between police personnel and lawyers on Saturday had escalated leading to violence and arson at the Tis Hazari Court complex. At least 20 police personnel and several lawyers were injured and many vehicles were damaged in the incident. The lawyers alleged that the police fired at them.